Art and Synesthesia: In search of the Synesthetic Experience

This article written by Dr. Hugo Heyrman explains what exactly is synesthesia, since it’s not really a common or known disease. It is a neurological condition that leads to two senses being connected when one is stimulated. The example of music is a unique experience for people with synesthesia, since the hearing of one note makes them either see or taste things. Although this is considered a “malfunction”, this condition opens up the door of a new world with creative possibilities. Like it was seen in the documentary, people with synesthesia can often have a better memory than ordinary people, as they associate a word to a bunch of different sensorial experiences. In my opinion, those people are blessed by an unusual gift, which can become a burden or a unique opportunity.  I was so impressed by how vivid their description of what they were seeing was and I felt like I could almost see what they saw. I think if the right person could come along and make major discoveries about the condition, we could apply this concept in many aspects of our lives. The possibilities are endless and it makes the everyday person questions music and art like they never knew it before.




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